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When we launched our appeal, The Tree of Hope children's charity originally agreed to co-ordinate the collection of donations to our appeal on Ben's behalf at no cost.


Unfortunately, The Tree of Hope are changing their rules and from 1st January 2016 will be charging a 7.5% administration fee on all future donations being made to Ben via their office, whether that’s via the Just Giving page, by text or where donations are sent directly to them.


(So a donation of £100 would mean that £7.50 goes to the Tree of Hope as admin costs – Ben would only receive £92.50)


Therefore we have decided that in future we would prefer people to make donations directly to our fund so that Ben receives every penny donated.


From this point onwards, we are asking people not to donate via the JustGiving page, send a text donation or send funds directly to the Tree of Hope.


Please go to our ‘Donate’ page for details on the new way to donate to Ben's Appeal.


As always we are grateful to receive a donation by cheque, payable to “The Help Ben Fund”


The balance of unused donations to the Appeal held by Tree of Hope is still available to Ben and will continue to be used to fund surgery, therapy and equipment in the future until used up.


Thanks for your continued support.

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