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How You Help Ben

Here is a breakdown of how your donations have been spent to support Ben

Below are more details of individual items that have made a real difference to Ben's life

Updated 11/07/2017



Dr Matthew Dobbs, a Washington University orthopedic surgeon at St. Louis Children’s Hospital, uses a minimally-invasive surgical procedure to accomplish the tendon lengthening. This allows the muscle to return to its normal length and the joint to straighten, and is one step in helping children walk with their heels on the floor and knees straight.

Unlike other surgical approaches to tendon lengthening, the minimally-invasive procedure allows for a quicker recovery and in most cases, children start therapy the next day. The hamstring, gastroc and heel cord (Achilles tendon) are the most common structures that need lengthening. The procedure is performed in an operating room under general anesthesia. A minimally invasive feathering technique is used to lengthen the tendon as opposed to the traditional method of cutting and reattaching the tendon.

Private Physiotherapy

New Bike.
Exercise Machine
Ceiling Hoist System

Lycra Bodysuit

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