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How to Donate



Donate via PayPal


You do not need a PayPal account to donate - just a credit or debit card.


Click on the button below to make a donation:-

Donate by Cheque

Please make cheques payable to  "The Help Ben Fund"


Please post to:


The Help Ben Appeal

19 Obelisk Road





OR Hand your cheque to the event organiser

The Tree of Hope Charity / Just Giving page / Text donations


Please DO NOT use the previous JustGiving page or make a donation via text or send a donation directly to the Tree of Hope.


The Tree of Hope children's charity originally agreed to co-ordinate the collection of online and text donations on Ben's behalf at no cost to us.


Unfortunately they have changed their rules in the middle of our appeal and from 1st January 2016 will be charging an administration fee of 7.5% on new donations for managing our funds.


We therefore will not be using them to manage any future funds raised for the appeal


The unused balance of donations to the Appeal held by Tree of Hope are still available to Ben and will continue to be used to fund surgery, therapy and equipment in the future until used up.

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